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African Ghost Valley - EKE (cassette)


Image of African Ghost Valley - EKE (cassette)

Edition of 50 housed in hand-silkscreened covers with fold-out 9" x 12" newsprint insert, inside 4 mil clear plastic bag with dead leaves. 13 copies of the edition have been printed with gold ink. Gold cassette shells with black imprint, professionally duplicated on Emtec Ferric tape.

It is a Swiss/Canadian duo that inhabit the African Ghost Valley. Their latest full length offering, EKE, unfolds with sharp, short blasts of concrete sound culled from the wilderness of a deep Dadaist nightmare. They speak a broken language of obliterated electronic shrapnel mixed with the debris of a haunted ancestral city. Uneasy listening calling to mind Illusion of Safety or even the New Blockaders, with just a few moments of serenity. In African Ghost Valley, music listens to you.